Phil began working with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) in 2011 by conducting CCR Training for a combined WHOI and Greek Ephorate of Antiquities archeological team in Crete, Greece.

After initial CCR training during the 2011 project Phil was invited back as a team diver for the exploration, search and survey project in Antikythera North of Crete, Greece in 2012.

During the 2012 project the team using CCR and DPV circumnavigated the entire coastline of Antikythera between the surface and 50 meters conducting a visual survey, relocated the Antikythera wreck site found in the 1900's by sponge divers and surveyed/excavated by Cousteau in the 1970's and after re locating the wreck where the famous Antikythera Mechanism was found they re surveyed the site and located and recovered a large two part Stock and Collar anchor.

In 2013 Phil was appointed Dive Operations Manager for the continuation of the project and the team conducted a CCR DPV visual survey of the two peninsulars at the North West of Crete locating several Roman and pre Roman wreck sites and two ancient anchorages.

The team formed 'Project Contour' as a central point to share information about their archeological work during the 2013 project and information on future projects will be placed on the 'Project Contour' website.

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